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Post  zhanxiaoli on Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:51 pm

Miscellaneous: Most people in the entertainment and sometimes ray ban sunglasses relaxed and happy they tend to wear plain clothes, to marc jacobs sunglasses use some of the main stone is not obvious from the inlaid with precious stones and custom jewelry man, is a more harmonious. On the contrary, as the excessive wear of the sparkling gems that will endanger the chloe sunglasses relaxed atmosphere? Overuse jewels in these cases there is no benefit to give people a sense of disorder.
Sportswear or fashion series: sportswear or popular, when people usually want to show the young and lively image, select some strong decorative jewelry. For example, some low-level London is random links in the form of gemstone jewelry made louis vuitton sunglasses by man, agate jewelry, earrings, and abstract geometric graphics. Its color is relatively small, but the shape of the jewelry should blend the d&g sunglasses body, face and other parts in order to highlight the unique image of the same. Some simple designed Links of London jewelry is appropriate for them.


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